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Lauren Kaye Cohen, Founder & CEO

Lauren Kaye Cohen’s artistry, nurturing personality and attention to detail have set her apart amongst Hollywood’s most sought-after makeup artists and men's groomers. Her clients are drawn to her signature way of accentuating each individual's natural look. To accomplish this, she creates glowing dewy skin and soft kissable lips. For the perfect lip color and texture, she found herself mixing multiple products. However, Lauren believes that we should all be able to easily recreate the looks we love and therefore, developed her own collection of lip care products. With such an overwhelmingly positive response, LAUGH KISS CARE was born. 

LAUGH KISS CARE is proud to launch a full line of clear, low-shine Nourishing Lip Balms (with and without SPF15), adding to the gorgeous array of LKC Hydrating Lip Sheens (with and without shimmer) and the chic, velvety Long-Lasting Lip Mattes. These were all created to uphold Lauren's values of health, wellness, caring for animals and our environment, and for the people around us... and of course self-care. As a healthy non-toxic product line, these lip care must-haves are made with the understanding that feeling and looking effortlessly attractive is the ultimate confidence-booster.

We want everyone to feel and look his and her best during busy days as well as celebration-filled nights with as little hassle as possible. No matter what the occasion, our lip care collection brings out the best in every age range, skin tone and individual's style. This philosophy ties in with LKC's bigger mission to put more care out into the world. We encourage you to view our FAQ page and our DONATIONS page for more details about our products and values.


Bringing amazing products like these into the world takes a lot of time, research, passion, and of course teamwork. We are grateful to all of you who are supporting our mission while loving the way you look and feel, and we are passionate about further spreading the care by donating portions of each and every sale to foundations providing help to those in need.

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